Access Bars® Facilitator

Catalyst for change of life aspects

Certified general therapist

With emphasis on personal growth

Practitioner of Chinese Quantum Method (CQM)

Mental and Energetic coaching

Expertise in Biological Decoding of Symptoms

Become healthy with the intelligence of the body

Certified instructor for Autogenic Training

Relaxation technique


I want to use my knowledge and experience to guide and empower individuals seeking changes in their lives.

I am very excited about the prospects of forming new relationships with you and sending you on your personal journey.





My professional background spans several decades as an international marketing and sales manager for a high-powered international company.


Along the way I have gained valuable insight into the demands and pressures of today's competitive work place and how it affects our physical, mental and emotional health. This deep understanding, along with my longstanding interest in human relationships, inspired me to change careers and acquire the additional education and certification required to work as a:



Consultations can be held in person or alternatively over the phone and by Skype.

Mental Coaching and Psychological Counseling



Ursula Rohrer

+41 79 215 72 80

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