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Chinese Quantum Method (CQM)


CQM is a coaching tool impacting the body in its deepest reaches. It is therefore an ideal complement to a wide array of healing practices. It does not require any specific philosophy or the belief in

its efficacy.


The CQM coaching shines a light onto unconscious thought processes that are at the root of many ailments and makes us aware of them. This mental and touch-free healing technique neutralizes and then eliminates thought processes in a client's energy field. This method treats any type of energetic weakness, be it physical, mental, or emotional.


To put it succinctly, positive change can be achieved in a wide variety of areas and situations, such as your health, school, job, career, marriage, and family life to name a few.


I typically provide counseling sessions in person, but due to the nature of my treatment methods, sessions can also take place over the phone and by Skype. With energy transcending physical barriers, effective treatment is closer than you think.



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